"Debra Saalfield is a world class dance instructor with an extensive resume of honors and accomplishments. However, the reason for this letter is to describe the personal experience my wife and I shared with Debra over the past two years.


For full disclosure, my sister was a dance major at Indiana University, graduated at age 20, toured in several dance companies in Europe, and taught ballroom dancing for many years after leaving the stage. In other words, Debra had a pretty high hurdle to cross when we signed up with her two years ago. To cut to the chase, Debra set a new bar for dance instructors in my book.


Debra boasts a youthful exuberance that belies her experience, is wonderful with dancers at all levels, quick to laugh or share her keen (and sometimes wicked!) sense of humor, loves her craft and genuinely wants her students to enjoy dance as much as she does. She reminds you of your favorite teacher…she makes learning fun and interesting, and consistently prods you to become your best, yet always with a smile.  She challenges you as a best friend would…encouraging, supportive, but positively wanting the best for you in whatever your dance goals may be. I particularly enjoyed how in Swing and Foxtrot, she combined the technical aspects of dance while choreographing special moves based upon our individual personalities and style…she made us feel like “dancers”, as opposed to “students”.


The most important thing I gained from our all too brief years with Debra is the value of dance as a lifetime experience. Her direct and open personality made us feel as though we were learning “with her” as opposed to “from her”.  My wife and I never miss a chance to take a few turns on the dance floor at every appropriate occasion, and always come away with a laugh or wistful smile as we recall our times with Debra.


Florida is losing a wonderful talent that will be North Carolina’s gain. My sincere wish is the joy she spread in our classes and her group work for dancers of all ages will continue to flourish as she changes people’s lives in her new home state through the art of dance."


Best Regards,

Jim (and Barbara) Simmons


Tami and I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our first dance together to ' At Last.' Your choreography was so impressive and fit the music perfectly. We received many compliments and, in fact, we danced it three times the night of our wedding!

     Your patience, vitality and musicality will long be remembered in years to come! 

Warm Regards, 

Chris. T. Christensen 

Founder, President and CEO

Generational Strategies Group

My name is Morgan Bailey and I am writing to recomend the services of Debra Saalfield. I have known Debra for fifteen years. I have watched her love her family and friends relentlessly, and most notably, pursue her passion for dance. I have watched her perform at competitions and dazzle the audience with her smile, brilliant costumes, creative choreography, and entrancing moves.


For my wedding, I had the privilege of receiving dance lessons with Debra to prepare for both my first dance with my husband and my father-daughter dance. The two most important men in my life, are, how can I put it kindly, not very coordinated in the slightest, so dancing probably ranks as one of their least favorite activities. However, I can say with absolute assurance that Debra made our dance lessons together fun, light-hearted, and educational. In only a couple of quick lessons, we learned simple, yet beautiful choreography, and she had us dancing together assuredly with smiles on our faces with occasional tears of joy in our eyes.


At my wedding, the guests were blown away by our choreographed first dance. My husband and I had so much fun doing the dance, we felt confident in all the moves, and our guests had just as much fun watching us. My father could also write a praising letter for Debra and say that she made an old man who hates to dance, especially in front of people, feel poised and excited about it.


I am very confident in recommending Debra Saalfield as a dance instructor for any studio or private event and certainly for a wedding couple. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Morgan Bailey


My wife Judy, and I were married 6 months ago and we wanted to have fun by surprising our wedding guests with a specially choreographed dance. We asked our dance instructor, Debra Saalfield, to work with us to design a routine to Adele's "Lovesong". After a few days, we were practicing our rumba dance . The choreography fit beautifully to the music and it was a smashing success!


In addition, we have been taking ballroom dance lessons with Debra for one year, and we could not be happier. As a former national dance champion, she brings a wonderful knowledge-infused with her unique spirit-to everything she does. She has a wonderful, fun teaching method, and if we ever get stuck, she shows us the proper way through the moves with beauty and grace. She truly loves what she does, and enjoys teaching others her art. Debra has become a wonderful friend over this time and both Judy and I recommend her with the highest regard.


Yours in dance,


Judy and Patick Moynihan

Naples, FL